About Founder

A true entrepreneur with a community driven spirit. Aaron has not only inspired, mentored and worked with young people in dozens of youth and community settings in and around London, but has also assisted many Artists that have gone on to achieve major success in the music industry such as Smoke Boys (formerly Section Boyz), K-Trap, Rapman and many more.

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DaPro Enterprises CIC (formerly The Mixtape) is a training provider and digital marketing agency for budding and established entrepreneurs.


Since 2010, we've helped to improve the opportunities for 100's of young people through our youth projects, run in partnership with various local authorities and community based organisations. 

As well as working with some of the biggest names and brands in UK music from grassroots to chart topping success, we've increased the number of participants for our delivery partners through our educational workshops and courses, reducing levels of crime and youth offending, whilst improving levels of retainment, opportunities for entrepreneurship, employment and further education for young people aged between 11-30 (30+ in some cases).


Previous clients include:

London Borough of Hackney, Lambeth LAC, Knights Youth Centre, Lewisham Council, Syrus Consultancy, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Streatham Youth Club, Corams Fields Youth Club (Camden), CPCDT, Prodigal Love, Ian Mikardo School (Tower Hamlets), Phoenix Community Housing & The Badda Trust.

How We Work



Using our experience from developing brands and businesses in the music industry, we understand the importance of utilising the world of digital content to increase a business' credibility and visibility. The digital marketing campaigns we devise for our clients help both start up business' and established companies to raise awareness around their brand online.

We increase visibility

Any youth organisation that works with vulnerable or hard to engage young people knows how difficult it is to get them to stick to a course or project for weeks on end. The important thing that will keep them engaged is to make them feel valued and important, which we do in each session by empowering them to know that they can be successful, no matter what challenges they may have faced.

We create a rapport 

Our lived experience and relatability coupled with the professionalism and understanding of effective youth work, we're able to create and maintain a positive rapport with our young people, building trust and developing professional relationships that allow effective young development to take place.

Overcoming challenges

Managing the behaviour of challenging youths in sessions can be tricky at times, but we're able to create a positive appeal to young people in our activities, helping them to see the value in it so that they take ownership of their attainment and apply themselves in a way that also inspires their peers.

We make it accessible 

The Team